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Cancel Culture is a Huge Problem

Defend the First Amendment.
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Demand Congress Vote for Emergency Border Funding, TODAY!

Congress plans to hold a vote on a bill that would allocate $4.5 billion toward the crisis at the border. Make your voice heard before it's too late.

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Demand Congress Pass Emergency Border Funding, TODAY!

This vote will be held today! Make your voice heard!

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Tell Nancy to Stop the Witch Hunt

Do your job for the American People!

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Demand Congress End Their Shameless, Weekly Attacks on William Barr and This Administration- TODAY!

Congress has continued their attack on William Barr and the President! Now is the time to take a stand against them wasting time and to bring the end to the witch hunt game!

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Tell the White House to Stop Blacklisting of Conservatives

Let President Trump know you will not accept the weaponization of Corporate America!

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Impeach Amy Berman-Jackson

Judge Berman-Jackson has repeatedly used her seat on the D.C. District Court to silence conservatives in blatant violation of the Constitution.

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Repeal the "Gun-Free School Zones Act"

Fact: school shootings have become more common since "Gun-Free School Zones Act" (GFSZA) of 1990.