Impeach Amy Berman-Jackson

Judge Berman-Jackson has repeatedly used her seat on the D.C. District Court to silence conservatives in blatant violation of the Constitution.

Roger Stone may have his bail revoked after Robert Mueller tipped off his presiding judge of book that was published two days prior to the gag order imposed on Stone by Judge Amy Berman-Jackson.

Let it be known that the Supreme Court ruled in the 1976 case Nebraska Press vs. Stuart that gag orders violated the First Amendment, making Stone's gag order egregiously unconstitutional.

Anyone who is unable or unwilling to be fair and impartial while upholding the Constitution has no place sitting on a federal court. Judge Jackson should not only be impeached by Congress, but she also needs to be disbarred for abusing her authority to push her far-left agenda.

Sign our petition urging Congress to make example of her kangaroo court.

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