Tell the White House to Stop Blacklisting of Conservatives

Let President Trump know you will not accept the weaponization of Corporate America!

It has become incredibly dangerous to be a Conservative in America.

If you voice an opinion that doesn’t line up exactly with the current Radical Leftist agenda, you run the risk of being deplatformed on social media, banned from establishments, assaulted on the street just for wearing a MAGA hat, and most recently, have a campaign against you demanding that you be blacklisted from employment.

The Far-Left is now calling for the ostracization of former Trump employees, telling corporations that his “bigoted” admins don’t deserve the luxury of a decent job after resigning from their position.

This campaign is being led by an organization known as “Restore Public Trust,” which advertises itself as a “nonpartisan” watchdog that exposes corruption in the government, yet it targets conservatives exclusively.

If you voted for Trump, you are also at risk for being targeted. You could face the same level of discrimination as his admins, simply for supporting America and her President.

Be sure this doesn’t happen to you or your loved ones, sign our petition today and let it be known that we are not going to just roll over and take it. Send a message to the White House and make sure the President knows there are good Americans like yourself who aren’t afraid to stand up to these radical Leftists.

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