Civil Liberties

Our God-given liberties codified in the Bill of Rights have been under attack by our every-growing government.

Please sign, send, and share our petitions relating to this topic.

- Uphold the Constitution and its amendments

- Right to Life

- Right to Property

- Right to Speech

- Right to Bear Arms (Defense)

- Right to Privacy

- Right to Trial


Tell Congress: No United Nations Internet Control!
Tell the U.S. Senate: Defend My Right to Trial, Amend the NDAA
"I Believe in the Right to Secede"
Tell Obama: No Cybersecurity Executive Order!
Tell Congress: NO AGENDA 21!
Tell Congress: Support S. 2122 to Defend Property Rights
Tell Congress: Oppose the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, etc.
Tell Congress: No GPS Spying!
Tell Congress: End DHS Police State Measures
Tell Congress: Support HR 3785
Tell Congress: Honor and Uphold the Separated Powers of Government
Tell Congress: Support H.R. 973 and Refuse All Unconstitutional Foreign Laws
Tell Congress: Investigate and Defund West Point's Center for Combating Terrorism
Tell Congress: Stop Police State Tyranny In America
Tell U.S. Senators: Stop CISPA!
Tell Congress: Do Not Establish An Online Sales Tax!
Tell Senators: Stand with Cruz, Lee, and Paul against Gun-Control!
Tell Congress: Secure the Borders First!
Tell Congress: Audit the IRS and Charge Members for their Crimes!
Tell Congress & Obama: No Small Arms Treaty
Tell Congress: Vote Against Drone Surveillance, Abuses!
Tell Congress: Restore our Fourth Amendment protections!
Tell U.S. Representatives: No Biometric Database, No National ID!
Tell Congress to Defund and Dismantle the Police State!
Tell Congress: File Articles of Impeachment, Convict Obama for Unconstitutional Executive Actions!
Tell Congress: Impeach Obama for Ignoring the 5th and 6th Amendments!
Tell Congress: Support a Twenty-Eighth Amendment!
Tell Congress: Defend Privacy, Rein In NSA
Tell Barack Obama: Answer 10 Questions in your State of the Union Address
Tell Congress: Oppose Obama's "Executive Legislation"
Tell Congress: Abolish the Internal Revenue Service!
Tell Congress: Abolish the EPA!
Tell Senators: Oppose the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty!
Tell the House: Defund the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty!
Tell Lawmakers: Legalize Cell Phone Jailbreaking
Tell Congress: Adopt the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act
Tell U.S. Senators: Oppose the Confirmation of Michelle Friedland to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals!
Tell Congress: INVESTIGATE the BLM and the Raid on Bundy Ranch!
Tell Congress: DISARM Federal SWATS and Paramilitary Units
Send your Representative, Senators, and Obama the full US Constitution and the Bill of Rights!
Tell Congress: No Internet Sales Tax!
Tell Congress: Reject ALL Federal Gun-Control Legislation!
Tell Congress: Repeal the PATRIOT Act!
Stop Sharia in America: Tell Leaders to Reintroduce H.R. 973
SAVE THE INTERNET! Contact Congress.
Tell Congress: Audit the Federal Reserve!