Demand Congress Vote for Emergency Border Funding, TODAY!

Congress plans to hold a vote on a bill that would allocate $4.5 billion toward the crisis at the border. Make your voice heard before it's too late.

Democrats in Congress are using children on the border for their own political gain. They have also decided that American safety is not nearly as important as the political games they would rather play. Don't let them get away with it. Send them a message today!

The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved the President's emergency request for additional border funding. Mitch McConnell said on Monday that he will be holding a vote in the Senate in the upcoming weeks to approve the $4.5 billion dollars that is sorely needed to help our Border Patrol effectively do their jobs.

We need Senate Republicans to remain united, plus 7 votes from the Democratic Party to avoid a filibuster. Democrats have proven they are unwilling to do what is necessary to secure the border and solve the immigration crisis. Your letter to the Senate today will show them that the American people are fed up with their inaction and will go a long way in obtaining the votes that are needed to pass this legislation.

 $4.5 billion is a drop in the bucket compared to our $1 trillion plus annual budget.

The Southern Border is constantly flooded with people from all around the world, leaving our Border Patrol overwhelmed and unable to do their job effectively. This crisis has gone on for too long and it's time we do something about it.

If your senator tells you $ 4.5 billion is costly, remind them how the Obama Presidency expanded the national debt by $9 Trillion. If they truly believe that there is a "humanitarian crisis" at the border then they will support this bill.

The President needs the money to alleviate our stressed personnel at the border. This is your last chance to act!

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