Economic Freedom is essential, for out of it all other freedoms flow. Free markets, sound money, and honest budgets are what this country needs.

Please sign, send, and share our petitions relating to this topic.

- Keep the Economy Free: Deregulate and Let the Market System Work

- Renounce Keynesian Economics and the Planned Economy

- Promote Sound Money, hold the Federal Reserve Accountable

- Minimize Taxes

- Budget Government

- No Bailouts

- Promote Innovation in Business

Tell Senators: Oppose the Reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank!
Tell Congress: Stop the EPA's Trojan Horse Before It Destroys Us All!
Tell Congress: Stop Wasteful Spending!
Tell Congress: End Electric Vehicle Subsidies
Tell Congress: NO AGENDA 21!
Tell Congress: Keep American Tax Dollars Within Our Borders!
Tell Congress: No $7 Trillion Tax Hike
Tell Congress: Stop Borrowing!
Tell Congress: Support S. 2122 to Defend Property Rights
Tell Congress: Oppose the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, etc.
Tell Congress: Open Offshore Drilling, Support the XL Pipeline
Tell Congress: GAO must give a FULL accounting of the debt CHINA owes to AMERICA
Tell Congress: Demand Democrats Present a Budget!
House Conservatives Must Vote Down Rules On All Government-Growing Legislation!
Tell Congress: Do Not Establish An Online Sales Tax!
Tell Congress: Audit the IRS and Charge Members for their Crimes!
Tell Congress: Publish Federal Credit Card Transactions Online!
Tell Congress: Support S. 201 to STOP Military Aid to Egypt
USAID continues despite "shutdown" – tell Congress to start making cuts!
Tell Congress: No Debt Ceiling Hikes!
Tell Congress: Communist China is doing a better job slashing government spending than the United States!
Tell Barack Obama: Answer 10 Questions in your State of the Union Address
Tell Congress: Fight Obama's EPA Emissions Rules
Tell Senators: Keep Internet Access, Usage, and E-mail Tax-Free!
Tell Congress: No Internet Sales Tax!
Tell Congress: Audit the Federal Reserve!