Tell Congress: Audit the IRS and Charge Members for their Crimes!

Congress must find the very individuals who authorized the IRS' attacks on free speech, remove them from their posts, and charge them for their criminal activity.

On May 10, IRS officials apologized for targeting conservative, tea party, and other pro-limited government groups and organizations. 

The fact that IRS agents would bully groups with particular ideologies contrary to their own is a gross fact -- what's worse is that senior IRS officials were aware of these acts since 2011 and had done nothing to stop them. In other words, senior officials have been condoning the use of our taxation system as a bludgeon for nearly three years. 

Congress must audit the Internal Revenue Service for these unacceptable crimes. Congress must find the very individuals who authorized these free-speech-based attacks, remove them from their posts, and charge them for their criminal activity. 

Sen. Mike Lee said, "This should not be dismissed as just another conflict between left and right; it is a conflict between the federal government and the American people, who — regardless of their political leanings — should be free to exercise their constitutionally protected rights without fear of political retribution from the world’s most powerful tax-collection agency."

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul introduced a resolution on May 14 to investigate these IRS abuses. 

“The IRS has been using taxing power as a political tool to bully these conservative groups and this type of intimidation is a major violation of our U.S. Constitution,” Sen. Paul said. “This act of discrimination should not be tolerated and I demand a formal investigation seeking criminal charges against any individuals who authorized or were involved in targeting people of the United States based on their political views.”

Take Action with Conservative Action Alerts! Sign the petition and send a free message to your U.S. Representative and Senators demanding that they support the Paul resolution and investigate the IRS attacks on free speech!

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Feb 10th, 2014
Lorrie G. from Huntingdon, TN writes:
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What has happened to America? Obama and his administration are destroying our country and stealing our freedoms. God help America. It's time for our government to be held accountable, starting with the IRS.
Jan 23rd, 2014
Jimmy B. from Haskell, OK signed.
Jan 18th, 2014
ROBERT B. from Nashua, NH signed.
Jan 15th, 2014
Guy C. from Eastport, NY signed.
Dec 15th, 2013
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Dec 4th, 2013
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Dec 2nd, 2013
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Nov 28th, 2013
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Nov 25th, 2013
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Nov 19th, 2013
Robert P. from San Diego, CA signed.
Nov 19th, 2013
Bud J. from Shawmut, MT signed.
Nov 19th, 2013
Someone from Commerce, GA writes:
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The IRS needs to be audited deeply and extensively not only for targeting Conservative Groups but all the American People as a whole. They should be held accountable just like corporations and they need to be prosecuted as such!
Nov 10th, 2013
Someone from Vail, AZ signed.
Nov 10th, 2013
Someone from Woodstown, NJ signed.
Nov 5th, 2013
robert w. from Columbus, GA signed.
Nov 1st, 2013
Robert & Carole W. from Sula, MT writes:
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Mr. Baucus; Mr. Tester; and Mr. Daines. DO YOUR JOBS. The extent to which Obama and the IRS has gone..CRIMINALLY to squelch the Conservatives is INTOLERABLE! We want/expect FELONY CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS AND CONVICTIONS. You have more than enough evidence. Stop protecting these criminals, or we can only assume you yourselves were ALSO AWARE of these crimes and chose to help with the coverup. We will be taking action in 2014.
Oct 24th, 2013
Samuel G. from Findlay, OH signed.
Oct 19th, 2013
Someone from Bradford, PA signed.
Oct 16th, 2013
VET. CARROLL W. from Jackson, TN writes:
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please defund the EPA THANK YOU
Oct 15th, 2013
Marvin W. from Las Vegas, NV signed.
Oct 14th, 2013
Jeffrey F. from Lititz, PA signed.
Oct 13th, 2013
Someone from Los Gatos, CA signed.
Oct 13th, 2013
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Oct 11th, 2013
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Oct 5th, 2013
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Oct 3rd, 2013
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Oct 3rd, 2013
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Oct 1st, 2013
Aileen H. from Anchorage, AK writes:
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So Lois Lerner has resigned and collecting a grand pension for life after lying to Congress about her involvement in the IRS scandal. Seems that is all we have in the Obama administration starting at the top - liars with political agenda and using the government to shut down dissenting opinions. Benghazi - Obama, Hillary, Rice - it's the video stupid lie; DOJ - Fast and furious gun running to Mexican drug cartels - lies to Congress; NSA - Snowden telling of the extensive intrusion into everyones lives - lies before Congress; DOD - lies before Congress ; The red line - Obama "I didn't say that" almost war over his ego lies; Solyndra - billions and billions to green soon to be bankrupt companies and the lies - What's done - NOTHING! a circus performance. Prosecute/subpoena and here's a funny idea - TRUTH, something hidden, assaulted and under attack in Washington D.C.
Sep 30th, 2013
Thomas P. from Sulphur, LA signed.
Sep 27th, 2013
Johnny A. from Alma, AR writes:
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And lets insure you file charges on the people that have commited crimes against the People! I am watching!!!
Sep 26th, 2013
joe j. from Crane, TX signed.
Sep 25th, 2013
Bruce B. from Newport, MI signed.
Sep 20th, 2013
Carol M. from Saltillo, MS writes:
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This country needs a fair tax and the IRS needs to be dismantled. They have become to big and powerful, they are now a threat to America.
Sep 18th, 2013
Willie and Carol P. from Florence, SC writes:
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What has the Country come to ?? If you work for the IRS and do something totally illegal ( against the Law ) and Lie to Congress and you still keep your job and get paid...No wonder we have problems.. Arrest them and send them to prison...... with NO Benefits
Sep 15th, 2013
MARGARET M. from Salt Lake City, UT signed.
Sep 13th, 2013
Bruce W. from Aliso Viejo, CA signed.
Sep 13th, 2013
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Sep 10th, 2013
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Sep 1st, 2013
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Sep 1st, 2013
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