Tell Senators: Oppose the Reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank!

In 2008, Obama called the Export-Import Bank "little more than a fund for corporate welfare." Yet today, in his reelection bid, he is urging companies to "join the fight" to save the Ex-Im bank.

URGENT ALERT: Wednesday, May 09, the House voted on H.R. 2072, to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im). HARRY REID IS PUSHING A SIMILAR VOTE IN THE SENATE SOON, S. 1547.

Please contact your Senators right now and tell them to vote NO to the Ex-Im. Send your personalized message immediately, the vote is imminent!

Obama wants to reauthorize Ex-Im’s charter AND expand their borrowing capacity, all at great cost to the American taxpayer.

Ex-Im’s mission statement says it “assume[s] credit and country risks that the private sector is unable or unwilling to accept.”  That means Ex-Im is a high risk, low-reward program that increases taxpayer exposure to bad loans and causes more money siphon through the government, who now gets to decide who profits and who doesn’t.

This is the next Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for exporters!

Obama has flip-flopped on his support of Ex-Im. In 2008, during a campaign speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin, then-Senator Obama called the Export-Import Bank “little more than a fund for corporate welfare.” Yet today, in his bid to get re-elected, President Obama is urging companies to “join the fight over the U.S. Export-Import Bank.”

Message the Senate right now and tell them to vote NO on the Export-Import Bank reauthorization!

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Oct 25th, 2014
Maria S. from Cambridge, MD writes:
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Vote NO!!!
Sep 20th, 2014
richard H. from Thousand Oaks, CA signed.
Sep 15th, 2014
Carole H. from Southern Pines, NC writes:
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Vote no. I support term limits for Congress.
Sep 11th, 2014
Alex A. from New York, NY writes:
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THE EXPORT IMPORT BANK IS NOTHING BUT A SHAM! Corporate giveaway to fat cats! STOP IT, somebody stop it!
Aug 26th, 2014
Nancy R. from Naples, FL signed.
Jul 14th, 2014
Someone from Lynnwood, WA signed.
Jun 28th, 2014
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Aug 19th, 2013
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May 30th, 2012
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May 29th, 2012
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