RIGHTMARCH: Tell Congress to SECURE OUR BORDER -- NO AMNESTY for Illegals!

"YES, I want to help DEMAND that Congress say NO to ANY 'immigration reform' bill or 'emergency funding' -- just enforce the law and secure our border!"

Once again, pro-Amnesty forces are trying to ram so-called "immigration reform" down the throats of the American people -- and now they're using children to do it! We need to mobilize folks to take action right away to force Congress to REJECT any immigration bill that would grant AMNESTY to illegal aliens, and to instead enforce existing laws in order to SECURE the border... So we've set up an easy way for you to make your voice heard LOUD AND CLEAR -- you can send a FREE message to ALL of your U.S. Representative and Senators AT ONCE, urging that they say NO to "immigration reform" and YES to a secure border -- NOW!

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Feb 24th, 2015
Raymond B. from Mishawaka, IN writes:
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Obama cares more about illegals and breaking the law then his Oath to this country.
Dec 17th, 2014
Caroline S. from Budd Lake, NJ signed.
Dec 10th, 2014
dave G. from Fort Washington, MD writes:
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Goverments Job is to Care For Legal American Citizens...Not Foreign Invaders....Save America...Stop This Insanity !!!
Dec 7th, 2014
Ellen R. from Midlothian, VA signed.
Dec 5th, 2014
John L. from Bloomington, IL signed.
Dec 5th, 2014
Walt R. from Cambridge, MN signed.
Dec 4th, 2014
Jon and Bernice D. from Joplin, MO signed.
Nov 27th, 2014
Carole W. from Sunbury, OH signed.
Nov 25th, 2014
Chales A R. from Chewelah, WA writes:
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"If the Representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self- defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government---in a single state, if the persons intrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions,or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair." Alexander Hamilton Federalist #28 1787 Such is the condition of our country now. God help us.
Nov 24th, 2014
russ j. from Las Vegas, NM signed.