Tell Congress: Stop Wasteful Spending!

STOP inserting amendments into the appropriations bills that INCREASE spending.

The House may have failed to produce an appropriations bill that truly reforms government in a serious way this time, but they have 11 more appropriations bills to get it right.

The first of the 12 appropriations bills came to the floor. The Commerce, Justice and Science (CJS) appropriations bill passed by a vote of 247-163.

Unfortunately, it represented a missed opportunity for conservatives to really cut spending and prove to the American people that they are serious about cutting government waste.

Amendments to the bill kept in place many wasteful agencies and programs which has been proven obsolete. Other amendments increased funding for programs which has been proven ineffective.

Conservative Action Alerts believes that conservatives in the House need to take a stronger stand against government waste, and that they failed to do so in the Commerce, Justice and Science appropriations bill. Please support our MEDIA EFFORTS so that we can inform the American people about this injustice and convince Congress to be more accountable with the next 11 appropriations bills.

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