Tell Congress: Secure the Borders First!

Lawmakers must offer workable step-by-step immigration reforms that secure the borders first and are compatible with the Constitution.

The bi-partisan "Gang of Eight" has made it their task to overhaul our current immigration system. Over a course of months and after a myriad of closed-door meetings, the Gang recently unveiled their plan: an unworkable 844 page volume that few Senators are likely to actually read (much less understand).

With immigration as much a mess as it is, and as complicated as it is, lawmakers must offer remedies wisely and slowly – not through a one-size-fits all “comprehensive” plan.  We don’t need an “Obamacare” of immigration. We need many single-issue bills, and we need months to debate them in broad daylight.  

Not only that, we need to identify and work on real priorities. Before discussing any type of “pathway to citizenship” or amnesty program – which the Heritage Foundation claims would cost $6.3 trillion – lawmakers must deal with the root of our immigration problem, first and foremost: insecure, unmanaged borders. 

True immigration reform means securing the borders first!

Border security, however, must be compatible with the Constitution and should not violate the People’s freedom of travel. Further, border security measures must not include provisions to mandate any type of National ID card, which would subject Americans to greater government surveillance.

Take Action! Sign the petition and message your lawmakers telling them that Immigration Reform starts with Secure Borders! Lawmakers must offer workable step-by-step immigration reforms that secure the borders first and are compatible with the Constitution!

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Nov 17th, 2015
Someone from Indianapolis, IN signed.
Dec 21st, 2014
mary b. from Denver, CO signed.
Dec 20th, 2014
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Dec 19th, 2014
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Dec 19th, 2014
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Dec 18th, 2014
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Dec 18th, 2014
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Dec 18th, 2014
Someone from Fairfield, CA writes:
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Immigration is a touchy subject. I feel that if any person from other countries would like to come to AMERICA. Should take the proper and legal way of coming. We don't need diseases being introduced to America and we can do without the extra added crime that is brought to our country. Not to mention all the money we spend as taxpayers to help illegal aliens. We need to secure all boards and take care of our own people.
Dec 17th, 2014
John C. from Independence, OR writes:
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Stop the madness. Protect our borders.
Dec 17th, 2014
JOHN R. from Baltimore, MD writes:
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The government should stop being in the business of importing people and start looking out for the best interest of the citizens of this nation. The United States I knew growing up is slipping away and its being done by our own leaders.