Tell Congress: Oppose the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, etc.

The Reid-Lieberman 'Cybersecurity Act of 2012' and the Hatch-Smith 'Protecting Children from Internet Pornography Act' must be opposed!

Despite the fact that the dangerous Stop Online Piracy (SOPA) and Protect IP Acts (PIPA) were shelved after facing vehement opposition from the American people, Congress continues to look for ways to tax, regulate, and control your internet activity.

Senator Harry Reid is bringing a new cybersecurity bill straight to the Senate floor for a vote, ignoring Republicans who have asked for the opportunity to debate and markup the legislation. The bill — the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, sponsored by Senator Joseph Lieberman — contracts the Department of Homeland Security to oversee private sector internet networks. (And, if they can control it, they can tax it.)

Democrats claim they have been working on cybersecurity legislation for several years, and that, in fact, is the problem here. They told reporters that the Lieberman cybersecurity bill “brings together a number of other bills that have already been through the committee process.”

As with Obamacare, we may not know exactly what is in the bill until it is passed. (And, that is presumably the way Reid wants it!)

We’ve been fighting long for internet freedom. Big Government politicians are intent on getting control of the World Wide Web:

  • They tried Net Neutrality, ultimately gaining the right to an internet “kill-switch,” even though three federal judges told them it was unconstitutional;
  • The FCC has worked diligently to increase regulations on internet activity and its members are openly hostile to First Amendment rights;
  • SOPA and PIPA, which would have caused sweeping devastation to legitimate websites, were days away from passage when they were finally shelved due to overwhelming opposition from the American people … however, Harry Reid is likely to bring back these bills by hiding them in his new cybersecurity legislation;
  • Rep. Lamar Smith’s HR 1981 and Senator Orrin Hatch‘s companion bill S. 1308, are two of the the more recent pieces of internet legislation to be debated: both a huge threat to our privacy, and written in the name of “protecting our children from online pornography.” These are simply cleverly-disguised power-grabs to force online service providers to spy on your online activities and provide that information to the government. H.R. 1981 and S. 1308 are about data retention: they requires Internet service providers to keep DETAILED RECORDS of your internet activity, your name and address, your bank account numbers, and  your credit card numbers.
  • Recently, the United Nations announced they are looking to impose a WORLD TAX on internet users, especially on financial transactions. It is unclear how far this idea will go, but you can rest assured a plan such as this would make Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and other Democrats VERY happy!

The Internet is under attack. Help save our First and Fourth Amendment rights! Your voice of opposition were successful in forcing Congress to put SOPA and PIPA on hold; let’s stop the Reid-Lieberman push for a new, intrusive government cybersecurity bill called S. 2105.

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