Tell Congress: No $7 Trillion Tax Hike

It's time we do the RIGHT thing for the American people and cut spending so that the private sector can thrive.

So now we know exactly where House Democrats stand. We knew that if they ever produced a budget it would be full of tax hikes and spending increases, but we never thought they would go this far!

Liberal House Democrats of the Congressional Progressive Caucus unveiled a budget on Monday that would increase taxes by $4.7 trillion more than President Obama proposed in his own budget! Remember, Obama proposed tax hikes of $1.5 trillion, but keen eyes at the Heritage Foundation exposed that number to be closer to $2 trillion.

Which means that Democrats want to raise taxes by nearly $7 TRILLION over the next decade!

They can't take all that money from the top 1%. Taking every penny from them would yield a one-time grab of about $930 billion. They couldn't tax the rich enough over ten years to achieve $7 trillion of revenue!

And that's assuming people would give up that much of their hard earned money willingly and without any behavior modifications.

So where will the money come from?

They can only take so much from businesses without shutting them down, changing the way they do business or completely crippling the economy. So the rest of that $7 trillion will have to come from YOU!

That's right, hard-working, middle class Americans. The very Americans President Barack Obama promised he wouldn't raise taxes on!

Sign the petition below and send your free messages to lawmakers in the House and the Senate. Tell them NOT TO COMPROMISE on budgeting; Demand they say NO to tax hikes and YES to budget cuts.

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