Tell Congress: Keep American Tax Dollars Within Our Borders!

The Environmental Protection Agency is sending millions of tax dollars to foreign countries and the United Nations!

Do you know where your taxpayer dollars are going? Probably not.

If you did, you would be absolutely appalled!

Over the past decade, your taxpayer dollars have been spent by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to test air quality in India, study swine manure on pig farms in Thailand and reduce pollution in China.  

Is it possible that this type of outrageous spending explains why our nation has an almost $17 TRILLION DEBT, and recently joined Greece and five other industrialized countries whose debt EXCEEDS its total economic output! Absolutely.

These projects funded by Obama’s EPA were exposed in a report by the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee.  According to the report, nearly $100 million of taxpayer money was spent by the EPA in other countries to advance environmental projects, including over $1,000,000 given to the United Nations to promote clean fuels!

These countries be doing this for themselves -- the Federal Government has NO BUSINESS funding these foreign efforts with the People's money.

The Obama administration’s reckless and irresponsible spending must stop immediately.

There is a new piece of legislation in Congress that will help stop this reckless spending by closing the "dollar pipeline" between Washington and the World. It is H.R. 4255, The Accountability in Grants Act of 2012.

Please sign the petition and send messages to your congressman telling them to support this act and curb reckless spending. You can help to make sure that this type of overseas spending NEVER happens again!

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