Tell Congress: INVESTIGATE the Murder of Seth Rich!

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The same month WikiLeaks released thousands of DNC emails exposing corruption inside the Clinton campaign and the DNC, Seth Rich was murdered.

Twenty-seven year old Seth Rich worked in IT for the DNC. He had access to voter files and sensitive DNC information... the same kinds of data that WikiLeaks made public within weeks of his death.

The police called the event a botched robbery, yet Rich's wallet, watch, and phone remained on his person when he was found dead on the 2100 block of Flagler Place, July 10.

While a life lost is a tragedy in and of itself, the curious murder of Seth Rich has raised questions that are of a national concern.

What if Rich was the source who provided WikiLeaks the DNC emails and data? What if Rich's murder was to terrify other whistleblowers into silence so that DNC-Hillary machine isn't further exposed?

Right now, the stakes are too high to let this story fade into history. We need to demand Congress to call a special investigation into the murder of Seth Rich -- not only for his family, but for the nation at large.

We must know the truth.

TAKE ACTION! Sign the petition and urge your Representative and Senators to take action on this -- DEMAND an investigation now!

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