Tell Congress: Investigate the IRS!

"I was targeted and persecuted by the IRS in an over-the-top attack coordinated at the highest levels of government and the Democratic Party." - Wayne Root

The IRS Scandal is far from over.

In a breaking release at, Wayne Root -- leading conservative media commentator, regular guest on Fox News and hundreds of conservative talk radio shows, and author of "The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide" -- reveals the he has been personally targeted by the national tax authority over his political views.

"I was targeted and persecuted by the IRS in an over-the-top attack coordinated at the highest levels of government and the Democratic Party," says Root. "I can now prove it – with FACTS direct from my IRS files obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request."

And Root says a leading Democrat U.S. Senator is involved in what he calls "a criminal conspiracy to silence a critic of the president."

According to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, "the Obama IRS obstructed the release of Wayne Root's tax documents."

Fitton says: 

"The abuse of process Judicial Watch and Wayne suffered through to get these documents is scandalous. Now we know why the Obama IRS was hesitant to give Wayne his own IRS files. These documents show the Obama IRS scandal was more than just suppressing the Tea Party, it was also about auditing critics of President Obama. Richard Nixon had to resign from office for less. The first order of business for AG Loretta Lynch should be to appoint a special counsel who can convene a grand jury to look into the Obama IRS outrages.”

This said, it's time to tell members of Congress to investigate the IRS in reponse to Root's revelations. 

Add your name below to send a message to your U.S. Representative and Senators demanding that they take action and stop the IRS' political targeting. 

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May 7th, 2017
Luis R. from Palm Bay, FL signed.
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Jun 4th, 2015
Carol C. from Bluffton, SC writes:
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This entire admin and Congress are as crooked as the day is long.
Jun 4th, 2015
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Jun 4th, 2015
Someone from Harpers Ferry, WV writes:
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The IRS is crooked, has been crooked, and a lot of the money they collect they give their selves raises or bonuses! We were taxed too much by England ... looks like a revolution may be needed to get our gov't to quit screwing up!
Jun 4th, 2015
Someone from Kissimmee, FL writes:
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Time to do away with the IRS
May 25th, 2015
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May 24th, 2015
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