Tell Congress: Eric Holder Must Resign!

Operation "WHITE GUN" is eerily similar to Fast and Furious; "apparently guns got away again."

Eric Holder must resign as Attorney General. As the nation’s top law enforcement person, he refuses to objectively enforce the law and represent the American people. 


· Who knew about Operation “White Gun?”

· Did Eric Holder or Barack Obama know?

· What did they know?

· And when did they know about it?

· How many more murders will happen?

It seems like no one in Washington knows -- especially Eric Holder.  

The most anti-gun President and most anti-gun Attorney General have an ulterior motive:  they want to use their failed operations and gun-runnng schemes to to convince the public to support supranational gun-control through the United Nations. 

Please send letters to Congress demanding that Eric Holder resigns!

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