Tell Congress: Eliminate Election Fraud

Tell Congress to pass an Election Transparency Bill and eliminate electronic voting machines for primary and presidential elections.

The citizens of the United States of America petition to the Congress of the United States of America that an unlawful election seizure is taking place in 2012.

We believe that abundant evidence exists due to: lack of accountability of poll counting due to use of privately controlled electronic vote counting machines such as Diebold AccuVote; the preponderance of literature demonstrating the machines vulnerabilities; and the simple fact that we see huge crowds supporting a certain GOP primary candidate, yet that candidate is constantly blacked out of media coverage and is consistently shown to be running in last place.

We have also seen evidence casting doubt on the fairness of voting due to multiple reported vote count problems, irregularities and inconsistencies with electronic voting machines and their software over the past several years. California's Secretary of State even commissioned a Special Report to investigate the Hursti Hack which, in fact, does work. Mr. Hursti was indeed able to change the election results by doing nothing more than modifying the contents of a memory card. He needed no passwords, no cryptographic keys, and no access to any other part of the voting system, including the GEMS election management server.

Therefore, we demand transparency and fair primary elections in the remaining primary States that have yet to vote in 2012 by immediately eliminating the use of any electronic voting machines in 2012 for the GOP candidates and using a manual publicly recorded and counted vote. We believe that there will be more than enough volunteers willing to count and publicly record such a vote in 2012 since so few citizens actually vote.

Please add your name to the petition and send messages to Congress demanding that they pass an Election Transparency Bill!

(This is a grassroots effort, written and submitted to Conservative Action Alerts by Brad House.)

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