We the undersigned respectfully petition you to please oppose and filibuster Sen. Al Franken's bill S. 555 and Rep. Jared Polis' bill H.R. 998.

Please oppose and filibuster both bills above, for the following reasons.

  • Parents, and parents alone, should educate their children about the morality of sexual preferences and identity, not the government, and not pro-homosexual educators who recruit kids in violation of their parents’ religious values.

  • School should remain an unbiased place of learning for all our nation’s children. These two bills are not unbiased since they force pro-homosexual views on families who oppose them.

  • Schools should be safe places of learning. These bills endanger our children and give special protected rights to perverts while denying the majority of children the right to express moral or religious opposition to the inherent immorality of the homosexual lifestyle.

  • Most children in the early grades of education have no idea what sex is, let alone what alternative sex is. These bills will force prematurely force sexual topics on young children causing confusion and warping their minds against the wishes of their parents.

  • Equal rights is at stake here. Everyday children are denied religious freedom in school for praying or taking pro-Jesus stands in schools because a small minority is offended, yet these bills propose to offend the vast majority of American families.

  • These bills are against the will of the American people and should NOT be forced on our kids by the tyranny of a very small minority

We stand with The Pray In Jesus Name Project who will score your vote and fax it to up to 125,000 pastors nationwide, including nearly every pastor in your state, asking their church voters to hold you accountable. Please defend traditional marriage and our children from pro-homosexual recruiters in public schools!

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