Fund The Wall! Open The Government!

Messages Sent So Far

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding our national security hostage...

Instead of working with President Trump to fund the Wall and re-open the federal government, Pelosi and her liberal allies are stonewalling and blocking the President and his America First immigration efforts.

You and I both know that the liberals' open-borders agenda is one of our country's greatest threats right now... illegal immigrants, drug dealers and notorious MS-13 gangsters, even terrorists are pouring into the country via our insecure southern border. 

That's why it's crucial you and I both take action today and petition Congress -- with special attention to the House of Representatives -- to pass a federal appropriations bill that includes funding for President Trump's Wall!

Act now! Click below to proceed to sign and send your personalized petitions to your U.S. Representative and each of your U.S. Senators.