Tell U.S. Representatives: No Biometric Database, No National ID!

The recently-passed Gang of Eight "immigration reform" bill contains language that – if approved by the House – would greatly damage every American's Constitutional right to privacy.

The recently-passed Gang of Eight “immigration reform” bill contains language that – if approved by the House – would greatly damage every American's Constitutional right to privacy. 

Page 521 of the Corker-Hoeven Amendment – the final version of S. 744 – details the establishment of a "photo tool": a giant federal database managed by the Department of Homeland Security, supplied with individuals' biometric information from all of the fifty states. 

If established, the database would house a file for every individual who carries a driver's license or equivalent state-issued photo I.D.; the file would contain the person's name, age, Social Security number, along with their photograph

Senator Rand Paul believes that the database created by the Immigration Scheme will lead to a National I.D. card. 

The Kentucky Senator says, "I worry that the Senate is working to consider a series of little-noticed provisions in comprehensive immigration reform that may provide a pathway to a national ID card for all individuals present in the United States - citizens and non-citizens. These draconian ideas would simply give government too much power." 

The Senate already rubber-stamped the national database scheme, but the House has not. While there is still time, we need to rally every U.S. Representative to oppose the Senate’s “photo tool” and oppose the creation a federal biometric database.

If the U.S. Congress agrees on this, our freedom of privacy - our Constitutional "right to be left alone" - will suffer irreparable damage. 

Take Action! Sign the petition and tell your U.S. Representative to OPPOSE all attempts to establish a biometric database and national ID through immigration reform legislation! No 'immigration fix' should cost Americans their freedom!

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Jan 8th, 2016
Patrick T. from Tallassee, AL writes:
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No Biometric Databases! We cannot get another fingerprint.
Dec 10th, 2014
Susan O. from Roseville, CA writes:
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I am a US Citizen, born and raised in California and I strongly oppose any National ID
Nov 21st, 2014
David w. from Pocatello, ID signed.
Nov 13th, 2014
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