Tell Obama to IDENTIFY and CONDEMN Radical Islam

Despite recent attacks and threats made by radical Islamic terrorists, President Barack Hussein Obama continues to remain "politically correct," refusing to identify and condemn Islamic Extremism.

President Barack Obama,

I am outraged at the fact that you refuse to acknowledge and condemn Radical Islam. 

Overwhelming evidence shows that Radical Islam has inspired hosts of deadly terrorists acts -- not only recently, but over decades -- and your refusal to recognize such facts is as shameful as it is dangerous. 

As Radical Islam continues to motivate terrorists and violent extremists around the world, it is incumbent on you to recognize and condemn it. 

While only the United States Congress can lawfully activate our military personnel against our enemies, I expect you as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to define our adversaries -- be they Nations or Radical Islamic Terrorists. 

This said, I urge you to join the Global War Against Radical Islam (GWARI) and forsake your dangerous political correctness. In short, stop assisting enemies of the United States by refusing to identify them. 

Radical Islamists are not, as you say, "perverting Islam," rather, they are the one's truly adhering to it. 

It's time to drop your false narrative and start telling the truth.


We the Undersigned


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