Tell Congress: "Thanks for doing less!"

Harry Truman's 1948 "do-nothing congress" passed more than seventeen times as many bills as the current legislature.

This year we've seen a lot of awful things happen at our nation’s capitol: Obamacare saved, the debt ceiling raised, and Harry Reid's nuclear attack on the filibuster just to name a few.  

But, despite these things, there is good news: overall, Congress is doing less! 

The fact is, the 113th Congress has passed a historically low number of bills. While a total of 9,425 pieces of legislation have been introduced in some form since January – bills, amendments to bills, resolutions, etc. – only fifty-two have become public law as of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Putting these numbers in perspective, Harry Truman's 1948 "do-nothing congress" passed more than seventeen times as many bills as the current legislature.

Many big government proponents bemoan this fact saying the U.S. legislature should "do more" – they also view “gridlock” as if it’s a curse. We disagree in both cases.

First, generally speaking, fewer federal laws mean less tyranny considering that ninety-percent of what government does today is unconstitutional. Second, congressional disagreement prevents bad laws from being passed in the name of “bipartisanship.”

Simply put, the fewer laws Obama signs the better!

Take action! Sign the petition and message your U.S. Representative and Senators telling them you’re grateful that Congress is passing fewer bills – only necessary and wise legislation ought to be made into law.

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wow, you get paid well to do nothing to a man who loves nothing---time to do your job ---reign him in----he is not helping and you're not either---do you want a legacy of lies on your children
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