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The current federal income tax system is clearly broken — unfair, overly complex, and almost impossible for most Americans to understand. 

But there is a reasonable, nonpartisan alternative before Congress that is both fair and easy to understand. A system that allows you to keep your whole paycheck and only pay taxes on what you spend.

It's called the FairTax. Introduced in the U.S. House and Senate as H.R. 25 and S. 18, respectively, The FairTax is a national sales tax that treats every person equally and allows American businesses to thrive, while generating the same tax revenue as the current four-million-word-plus tax code... and without the I.R.S.

The Fair Tax Act of 2019 is the only tax replacement plan before the U.S. Congress that:

  • Eliminates all federal income and payroll taxes including personal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security/Medicare, self-employment and corporate.
  • Eliminates the need for businesses and individuals to file federal income tax returns.
  • Eliminates over 74,000 pages of Internal Revenue Code and the estimated $350 billion in annual compliance costs.
  • Defunds, disbands and eliminates the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Favors American businesses and workers over foreign corporation, and dramatically increases the rate of economic growth and job creation.
  • Brings American jobs back to America and generates employment opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of chronically unemployed.
  • Repeals the 16th Amendment and direct taxation through companion legislation.

Take action and tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to co-sponsor the Fair Tax Act of 2019. Add your name in the fields below to proceed to send your no-cost letters. 

Be a part of the FAIRtax movement and help make make April 15 just another spring day. Visit

Public Comments
Dec 7th, 2018
Diane T. from Homer, NY writes:
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The FairTax returns the power of governing to "We the People", stops tax lobbyist from owning our public servants, makes taxation more visible and filing taxes is no longer a time and financial burden to the People
Nov 24th, 2018
Andrew M. from Taylor, MS writes:
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Why do we penalize a person working by taxing his income?Why do we have a social secuity network based on age and not need?How do we encourage individuals to save instead of spend?Is our present system fair?We are always arguing how we spend money(as a nationP And not how we raise revenue to support our budget,It is time to let the laborer keeps his income and for everyone to become more fiscal responsible.This all can be done with the FairTax
Nov 11th, 2018
Andrew M. from Taylor, MS writes:
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Individual and social responsibility is what the FAIRtax offers.We can spend the money we earn on our needs and wants and at the same time contribute to the social safety net that so many of our citizens depend on.
Oct 20th, 2018
Someone from Washington, IL writes:
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Finally. A taxation plan that makes sense and has equal representation for every person within our insecure borders...including people who shouldn’t be here. Amazing!
Oct 16th, 2018
Katie P. from Ozark, MO writes:
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This is the best way to ensure ALL people within the borders of the US (citizens or not) pay their fair share of the advantages our government provides. Pass the Fair Tax!!
Oct 7th, 2018
James P. from The Colony, TX writes:
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Please pass the Fair Tax Act of 2017!
Oct 2nd, 2018
Ollen J. from Harrison, OH writes:
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Everyone is subject to the Fair Tax. If you buy something new, you will pay your fair share of taxes. There will be an increase in tax revenue. This tax will also be the answer for taxes and cryptocurrencies.
Oct 1st, 2018
Someone from Mount Jackson, VA signed.
Sep 25th, 2018
Someone from Tucson, AZ writes:
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This is THE answer!
Sep 18th, 2018
Someone from Bassett, VA signed.
Sep 18th, 2018
Crystal S. from Martinsville, VA writes:
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EVERYONE in this country needs to pay taxes, not just the hard-working Americans. Pass the Fair Tax Act!
Sep 14th, 2018
Bernice M. from Royse City, TX writes:
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While the republicans have control this is the ideal time to pass to fair tax. This is the only FAIR tax method. Every person who presently claims no income currently,such as drug dealers etc,. will start to contribute.
Aug 31st, 2018
Humberto G. from Rancho Cordova, CA signed.
Aug 30th, 2018
Karen S. from Riverton, WY signed.
Aug 27th, 2018
kirk t. from Edmonds, WA signed.
Aug 21st, 2018
Someone from Wesley Chapel, FL writes:
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I’m with this all the way! Fair is fair!
Aug 20th, 2018
Someone from San Antonio, TX signed.
Aug 17th, 2018
Someone from Denver, CO writes:
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When the government does 30-40% of my work I'll pay it, until then is just extortion, plain and simple! Tax the hell out of everyone and everything still nothing changes, it feels like my money gets traced by the government more than it should be, 35% on my check, another 7% at the check out lane for food, the 7% at the gas pump, the 7% at a restaurant, 7% at the clothing store, it seems to me like i take home 100 dollars a week, and that doesn't count house payment taxes, water, electricity, cell phone, television taxes up the wazoo and before all that the government wants to put their hand in my pocket first!!! Scam!!!!
Aug 16th, 2018
Spencer B. from Rockmart, GA signed.
Aug 16th, 2018
Someone from Anderson, SC writes:
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Pass the Fair Tac Act.
Aug 15th, 2018
Someone from Pelzer, SC signed.
Aug 14th, 2018
Vicky Z. from Indianapolis, IN writes:
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Only tax items that people purchase. We are already taxed with income tax. Either tax our pay checks and nothing else OR eliminate federal income tax and tax us on the goods and services we buy. Doing both is choking the American worker.
Aug 13th, 2018
Brittany B. from Pittsburgh, PA signed.
Aug 13th, 2018
Greg D. from Bowling Green, KY writes:
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Taxes should only be on spending, not income and taxes should be included in the price quoted, displayed and advertised for better informed consumers.
Aug 13th, 2018
Lori V. from Sweetwater, TN writes:
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Yessss,finally all illegally gained money is spent...but not taxed
Aug 13th, 2018
Michael H. from Campbell, MO writes:
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FairTax is the biggest transfer of power from government to the people since the Revolutionary War.
Aug 13th, 2018
Luke H. from Aurora, CO writes:
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Many libertarians such as myself believe that taxation is theft. I believe that there is a way of doing it so that it is not theft. FairTax has come up with a way. Thank you!
Aug 13th, 2018
Billy P. from Jackson, CA writes:
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Pass the fair tax act
Aug 13th, 2018
Patrica S. from Douglasville, GA signed.
Aug 11th, 2018
Yuri L. from Sacramento, CA signed.
Aug 4th, 2018
Peggy G. from Mckinney, TX writes:
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It’s time for real tax reform that benefits the majority of Americans. A national sales tax is transparent, fair (with the monthly prebate), and easy to collect through businesses (which are paid for collecting those taxes)! Please join us by enlisting the support of your neighbors, friends, local businesses, religious leaders, and elected officials!! Grassroots pressure on our elected officials is the only way to get this passed, but that pressure needs to come from a diverse group of people.
Aug 3rd, 2018
Someone from Trabuco Canyon, CA signed.
Aug 3rd, 2018
Someone from Trabuco Canyon, CA signed.
Aug 2nd, 2018
Someone from Brooklyn, NY signed.
Jul 31st, 2018
Someone from Fall River, MA signed.
Jul 30th, 2018
Ferdinand D. from West Melbourne, FL writes:
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Please take the time to consider this plan seriously. It will go a long way in curing the ills of this country.
Jul 28th, 2018
Janice D. from Roxboro, NC writes:
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Not only fair but helps solve multiple problems. Cuts out welfare abuse through the prebate and encourages those wanting to better their lives to get a job. It will entice new businesses and whole corporations to move their operations here thus increases the need for skilled workers. It will slow the flow of illegal immigrants and encourage the ones already here to seek citizenship, because only legal citizens and legal immigrants get the prebate. Everybody pays their fair share and the government will actually get more than they will with the current system. It is a win-win all around. Do the right thing for all those that elected you. Pass the Fair Tax Act NOW!!!
Jul 25th, 2018
Someone from Cedar Falls, IA signed.
Jul 8th, 2018
Mark H. from Mankato, MN writes:
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Finally do what is right for America
Jul 8th, 2018
Mark H. from Mankato, MN signed.