Tell Congress: No Internet Sales Tax!

"Online sales tax proposals are taxation without representation. [They tell] businesses that there is no escape from the clutches of tax-hungry politicians. That concept is antithetical to our federalist system, which promotes competition among our states for the best economic policies." – former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint

The internet as a largely tax-free environment may soon be a fact of history. 

Now in the House and Senate, the Remote Transactions Parity Act and the Marketplace Fairness Act would mandate an internet sales tax

We've got to call on our elected servants to oppose this scheme.

Expanding taxes is a bad idea that would adversely affect both consumers and internet retail businesses. Consumers would end up paying higher prices and surrendering more of their dollars to revenue-hungry state governments, while online retailers would be forced to abide by as many as 9,600 tax jurisdictions and navigate all the bureaucratic red tape that goes with them! 

Lawmakers must reject this cash-grabbing effort and refuse to give states power to reach outside of their borders to tax consumers and businesses nationwide. 

Take Action! Sign the petition and send a no-cost message to your U.S. Representative and Senators demanding that they oppose any and all efforts to create an internet sales tax!

Public Comments
Jun 17th, 2015
Felipe p. from San Diego, CA writes:
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It's not fair. Enough of this tyrant government.
Jun 17th, 2015
Richard H. from Ortonville, MI signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
Joyce M. from Salem, MO signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
Lyle P. from Panama City Beach, FL signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
Susan B. from Kingman, AZ writes:
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God knows we already have way too many taxes as it is. None of our politicians have taken economic classes or accounting classes. Our government needs to STOP wasteful spending, get rid of departments that aren't doing anything, get a BUDGET (just like everyone else does) and PAY ATTENTION! NO we do NOT need any more TAXES!!!
Jun 17th, 2015
Susan B. from Lake Havasu City, AZ writes:
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God knows that we have way too many taxes as it is and none of our politicians have taken Economic Classes or accounting classes. Our government needs to cut wasteful spending, cut departments that don't do anything, get a budget (just like everyone else does) and pay attention! NO we do NOT need any more TAXES!!!!!
Jun 17th, 2015
Mary B. from Lebanon, TN signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
Someone from Angola, IN signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
Kenneth S. from Lancaster, CA signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
Someone from Millville, NJ signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
Stephen G. from Johnson City, TN signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
karlheinz b. from Wauchula, FL signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
Tammy B. from Sturgis, MI signed.
Jun 17th, 2015
Kyle E. from Fort Washington, MD signed.
Dec 4th, 2014
Julie J. from Palos Park, IL signed.
Nov 21st, 2014
David W. from Pocatello, ID signed.
Nov 13th, 2014
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Oct 15th, 2014
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Oct 13th, 2014
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Aug 26th, 2014
Someone from Utica, NY signed.
Aug 15th, 2014
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Jul 25th, 2014
Janet D. from Pottstown, PA writes:
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These people have gone tax crazy. Soon we will be taxed on the number of times we visit the bathroom. Every movement and every single thing in our lives is not an opportunity to hit us up for more money. We pay state and federal tax, we pay sales tax in my state, we pay city, local taxes; we pay property and school tax. Nearly 60% of my income is taxes. Stop stealing my private property - my sweat equity is MINE. Get out of my wallet.
Jul 22nd, 2014
James S. from Muncie, IN signed.
Jul 15th, 2014
Noelle L. from Sequim, WA writes:
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NO more taxes!
Jul 11th, 2014
Linda D. from West Palm Beach, FL writes:
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Hmmm, "taxation without representation"...anyone for a history lesson???
Jul 8th, 2014
Someone from Longview, TX signed.
Jul 6th, 2014
DON M. from Hastings, MN writes:
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Jul 3rd, 2014
Someone from Marietta, GA signed.
Jun 30th, 2014
LEN RICHARD E. from Costa Mesa, CA writes:
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the shame of our GOVERNMENT for turning into a TAX TAX TAX good ole boys club! No wonder over have of the members of congress are millionaires. WE NEED LESS AND LESS TAXES INSTEAD.
Jun 26th, 2014
Walker B. from Gainesville, GA signed.
Jun 26th, 2014
Someone from Fort Myers, FL signed.
Jun 18th, 2014
Douglas & Betty Jo H. from Ellendale, ND writes:
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We do not need any more taxes. This would hurt small business people who use the internet to sell products.
Jun 18th, 2014
CATHERINE F. from Hawley, PA signed.
Jun 17th, 2014
Steven S. from Portland, OR signed.
Jun 11th, 2014
Jan s. from Westminster, CA signed.
May 27th, 2014
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May 25th, 2014
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May 21st, 2014
Monty B. from Wisconsin Dells, WI signed.
May 20th, 2014
Brigid F. from Portland, TX signed.
May 16th, 2014
Someone from Dunmor, KY writes:
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The internet tax is an unreasonable tax. To tax the internet or evan try and create neutrality that is not neutral in the slightest is a sad representation of this once great nation's government.