Tell Senators: Keep Internet Access, Usage, and E-mail Tax-Free!

The Internet Tax Freedom Act is one of the few bipartisan efforts that legitimately benefits average Americans as it keeps our internet tax-free.

Whether you are aware of it or not, Internet access is currently free of usage taxes because of a 1998 bill signed by President Bill Clinton and renewed twice by President George W. Bush - the Internet Tax Freedom Act. 

This important legislation prevents government – federal, state, and local – from laying discriminatory taxes on Internet service, preventing taxes on things like Internet access, Internet usage (bit tax), and even email.

On June 9, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 235 to make the Internet Tax Freedom Act permanent... and now it's time for the United States Senate to do the same. 

Take Action! Add your name below and send a letter to each of your U.S. Senators demanding they pass S. 431, the Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act, prior to October 2015!

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