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America’s oldest and last-standing lead smelting plant permanently shut its doors on December 31, 2013.

Unfortunately, Doe Run Co. didn't decide to close up shop because of market conditions, but because of the radical Environmental Protection Agency under former President Barack Obama.

After the EPA hiked “Air Quality Standards” tenfold, Doe Run decided it was better to cease operations rather than spend $100 million on fines, penalties, and site upgrades to lower the plant’s sulfur dioxide and lead emissions.

What happed to Doe Run isn't an isolated event... The Environmental Protection Agency regularly hampers business in the name of "clean air" and environmental preservation. 

With President Trump already planning on curtailing the EPA's power, we've got to command members of Congress to take action even further. First, the House must pull every penny from the EPA budget -- Second, members of Congress must pass legislation that repeals President Nixon's executive order that created the agency in 1970 (84 Stat. 2086).

The Constitution was not written to give government the power to prohibit business and lock up natural resources in the name of “clean air” –

It’s time to abolish the EPA.

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