RIGHTMARCH: Tell Congress to REPEAL the "Gun-Free School Zones" Act!

YES, I want to help protect our most vulnerable citizens -- our children in school -- by demanding that Congress pass the "Citizens Protection Act" (H.R. 2613)!

YES, I want to help PROTECT our most vulnerable citizens -- our CHILDREN in school -- by DEMANDING that Congress pass the “Citizens Protection Act” (H.R. 2613)!

NO MORE NEWTOWNS OR COLUMBINES! We need to mobilize folks to take action right away to REPEAL the blatantly unconstitutional and dangerous “Gun-Free School Zones” Act... So we've set up an easy way for you to make your voice heard LOUD AND CLEAR -- send your personalized message to your U.S. Representative and Senators AT ONCE, urging that they PASS H.R. 2613, the “Citizens Protection Act”!

Public Comments
Feb 21st, 2018
Vito C. from Corona Del Mar, CA writes:
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Evil can not be eradicated, but it can be controlled. Gun free zones protect evil people leaving us in harms way. If gun ownership was totally illegal would you control abuse like you do drugs. STOP THE SPIN!!!
Nov 18th, 2016
Someone from Sulphur, LA writes:
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I am for carry in schools & churches to be restricted to those screened, trained, and qualified. I am as strong as anyone on the 2nd Amendment but I also know a lot of people are not responsible, not careful, & can ruin it for the rest of us. All privileges / rights carry a corresponding responsibility.
Apr 13th, 2016
Patrick S. from Wichita, KS writes:
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Our founding fathers gave us clear instructions in the 2nd amendment.
Nov 13th, 2014
Kimberly D. from Parkville, MD signed.
Sep 11th, 2014
Dann C. from Twin Falls, ID signed.
Aug 26th, 2014
Someone from Utica, NY signed.
Jul 22nd, 2014
David s. from Wausau, WI writes:
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End the easy targets zones. I also cannot see how they can legally say no guns within 1,000 ft of a schools border. Thats rediculous and prevents people from being able to protect themselves in most parts of cities.
Jun 27th, 2014
jonah f. from Prescott Valley, AZ signed.
Jun 26th, 2014
Someone from Fort Myers, FL signed.
Jun 15th, 2014
Luis S. from Jacksonville, NC writes:
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Please let teachers be armed and remove gun free zones. A sign that says no guns will not stop a criminal. A criminal breaks laws, so it's a easy target for criminals to go and commit crimes in gun free zones because they know they will not encounter resistance from LEGALLY armed citizens. A criminal is not going to stop his crime just because there is a sign that says don't do it. THEY ARE CRIMINALS remember that. Please remove those zones, I have 2 kids and would feel safer knowing they are not sitting ducks.
Jun 9th, 2014
Josh G. from New Albany, IN writes:
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The second amendment shall not be infringed. It already has many times over. I believe this means all those infringements are invalid, and many others believe the same. Gun control is just a way to control the population and keep track of who owns guns. This should have never been allowed.
Apr 17th, 2014
Nellie R. from Yuma, AZ signed.
Apr 17th, 2014
Nicholas A. from Cape Coral, FL writes:
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Gun free zones do not stop bad people from doing bad things!
Apr 14th, 2014
Someone from New York, NY writes:
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military personnel should be able to rally in defense of an individual under fire without hesitation, the constitutional provision in place- However the "gun free zone theory" is under scrutiny the insanity of a breach will continue to sweep our soldiers away from us by these insane circumstances and after the recent tragic events there needs to be a reassessment as to why we remain at risk perhaps even an executive order in my opinion this should be "the right to bear arms" once again common sense suggests the majority will rule yet these breaches endanger our freedom so if things work better in the past rather than blame just realize in principle it sounds civil until we have lost the people we treasure because of our own inability to react-Arguably, though well meaning perhaps the President Clintion should be repealed for a period of time to see if there can be a solution?Does the mandate obstructs more freedom and loss of life than it prevents -ether ways were all walking on egg shells worried when news breaks it is aggravating to have no plan in place to read about this devastation.
Apr 3rd, 2014
Someone from Fort Myers, FL signed.
Apr 2nd, 2014
Bill B. from Fresno, CA signed.
Mar 1st, 2014
ronald c. from Sheffield, AL signed.
Jan 18th, 2014
ROBERT B. from Nashua, NH signed.
Dec 7th, 2013
tara h. from Amarillo, TX signed.
Dec 4th, 2013
D M. from Jacksonville, NC signed.
Dec 3rd, 2013
Angela M. from Glade Hill, VA signed.
Nov 19th, 2013
Robert P. from San Diego, CA signed.
Nov 10th, 2013
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Oct 24th, 2013
Samuel G. from Findlay, OH signed.
Oct 15th, 2013
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Oct 14th, 2013
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Oct 13th, 2013
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Sep 25th, 2013
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Aug 22nd, 2013
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Aug 19th, 2013
Richard W. from Russell Springs, KY signed.
Aug 12th, 2013
Willie S. from Tucson, AZ writes:
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Schools are target rich environments for the bad guys. If it's okay to give cops guns equal to what bad guys carry then why isn't it okay to give citizens the right to protect our kids with the same level of defense?
Jul 22nd, 2013
Robert L. from Old Hickory, TN signed.
Jul 15th, 2013
Someone from Laceyville, PA signed.
Jul 3rd, 2013
DALE W. from Tucson, AZ signed.
Jul 1st, 2013
Someone from Fort Myers, FL signed.
Jun 24th, 2013
Steve L. from Redmond, WA signed.
Jun 21st, 2013
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Jun 21st, 2013
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Jun 21st, 2013
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Jun 19th, 2013
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