Congress must to oppose immorality and pass both PRO-CHAPLAIN AMENDMENTS to H.R. 4310!

We the undersigned petition that Members of the House of Representatives co-sponsor and vote to pass  both pro-chaplain amendments to H.R. 4310, and protect military chapels, chaplains' and troops' religious freedom to oppose immorality.

Congressmen Akin and Palazzo have both introduced and the House Armed Services Committee has passed two Military Religious Freedom Amendments in H.R. 4310 that would protect military chapels from desecration, and protect our troops right to a sacred worship space.

The two amendments do three things:

1) Protect military chaplains from being forced or pressured to participate in any ceremony or function that is against their conscience or religious beliefs.

2) Protect all our men and women in uniform from being discriminated against because of sincerely held religious beliefs opposed to homosexual marriage or homosexuality.

3) Prohibit the use of military facilities for homosexual marriage ceremonies.

Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they had learned that Congress did not protect the religious rights and consciences of American chaplains and troops. 

We stand with leaders from The Pray In Jesus Name Project who will score your vote and fax it to nearly every pastor in your state before the next election.

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Jun 19th, 2014
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Jun 5th, 2014
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Jun 4th, 2014
Patricia D. from Franklin, NC writes:
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the constitution protects religious freedom entering the military does not cancel the constitution
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