Impeach Amy Berman-Jackson

Judge Jackson has proven time and again to have no intention nor interest in her sworn duty to protect and uphold the Constitution, imposing a gag order on Roger Stone, a lifelong friend of President Trump's. As of March 5, she is considering sending him back to jail after receiving knowledge of a book he published prior to the gag order being implemented. Judges have absolutely no authority to issue gag orders in the first place, since the Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional, a violation of the First Amendment. Berman-Jackson needs to be made an example of. We the People will not stand by and watch as these deep-state federal judges shred our Constitution to create political prisoners. Congress must impeach her. Sign our petition and send a letter to your Congressmen to implore them to remove Jackson from her seat. A judge who is neither fair nor impartial has no business being a judge at all.

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