Gun Dynamics Action: Stop "Red Flag" Gun Laws -- Contact Congress & President Trump!

Messages Sent So Far

Liberal Democrats and Establishment Republicans are coming after our guns...

That's right: the very worst of Big Government "bipartisanship" is now being seen in what's called "Red Flag" gun legislation. 

In short, these "Red Flag" initiatives empower law enforcement and family members to file petitions to prohibit those they know from purchasing firearms... without due process.  

While this may sound like a "commonsense" endeavor, the fact is this sort of legislation is anathema to our constitutional form of government under the rule of law. 

Right now, we're specifically opposing HR 5717 (Rep. Susan Brooks, R) and S. 2521 (Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D) and urging you to do the same. 

Take action now and rally your legislators and President Trump to OPPOSE these bills.