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The current federal income tax system is clearly broken — unfair, overly complex, and almost impossible for most Americans to understand. 

But there is a reasonable, nonpartisan alternative before Congress that is both fair and easy to understand. A system that allows you to keep your whole paycheck and only pay taxes on what you spend.

It's called the FairTax. Introduced in the U.S. House and Senate as H.R. 25 and S. 18, respectively, The FairTax is a national sales tax that treats every person equally and allows American businesses to thrive, while generating the same tax revenue as the current four-million-word-plus tax code... and without the I.R.S.

The Fair Tax Act of 2019 is the only tax replacement plan before the U.S. Congress that:

  • Eliminates all federal income and payroll taxes including personal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security/Medicare, self-employment and corporate.
  • Eliminates the need for businesses and individuals to file federal income tax returns.
  • Eliminates over 74,000 pages of Internal Revenue Code and the estimated $350 billion in annual compliance costs.
  • Defunds, disbands and eliminates the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Favors American businesses and workers over foreign corporation, and dramatically increases the rate of economic growth and job creation.
  • Brings American jobs back to America and generates employment opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of chronically unemployed.
  • Repeals the 16th Amendment and direct taxation through companion legislation.

Take action and tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to co-sponsor the Fair Tax Act of 2019. Add your name in the fields below to proceed to send your no-cost letters. 

Be a part of the FAIRtax movement and help make make April 15 just another spring day. Visit

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May 29th, 2020
Someone from Rolla, MO signed.
May 4th, 2020
Timothy D. from Presque Isle, ME writes:
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The tax system in the US is unfair and is what is keeping many of Americans either in Poverty or barely making it. FairTax could be the game changer we need in this country; regardless of if you're a liberal or conservative. Keeping more of what you earn is truly nonpartisan.
Apr 23rd, 2020
Thomas M. from Wimberley, TX writes:
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Regular folks are paying the freight on taxes. Fairtax will correct that.
Apr 19th, 2020
Richard B. from Cleveland, TN signed.
Apr 15th, 2020
James B. from Summit, NJ writes:
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The FAIRtax is the only tax, existing or proposed, that stops taxing the product of labor and capital and unleashes the full potential of the economy.
Apr 13th, 2020
PAUL L. from Jacksonville, FL writes:
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$2.2 trillion CARES Act Pay it off with the Fair Tax stimulus The $2.2 trillion bail out is passed. Add it to the national debit. To pay it off production needs to exceed consumption, but the federal income/payroll tax system taxes production. It is time to end this sniffling “direct taxation” code on production and jobs. Unleash our financial freedom as protected by the U.S. Constitution before the 16th Amendment. Taxes do change behavior as shown by a stimulated economy caused by the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act with tax cuts for eight years. Imagine no I.R.S, income tax, payroll taxes and tax withholding. Start a national sales/consumption tax at a rate to replace the old system revenues and a monthly tax refund that helps most the impoverished. This plan is called the FAIRtax, bill HR 25 now in the Ways and Means Committee. It is a simple, efficient and visible tax plan. The FAIRtax would re-energize the economy, make America a tax free business haven, increase individual disposable income and renew the America Dream of free market capitalism. Tax revenues would quickly increase to pay off the $2.2 trillion debt plus more…unless the politicians spend the new found money. Learn more and view the videos at
Apr 1st, 2020
John S. from Manhattan Beach, CA writes:
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Fair Tax is critical to jumpstart the economy. Enact now!
Mar 31st, 2020
Tom Z. from Jeannette, PA signed.
Mar 28th, 2020
Michael C. from Whitehall, MT writes:
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Even during our current crisis, we continue to purchase food and other items. Even after the "Prebate" money is exhausted, the consumption tax would still be collected on additional purchases. Don't read between the lines, just read the bill.
Mar 13th, 2020
Joseph L. from Plano, TX writes:
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