Tell Congress to STOP the FCC Internet Takeover

On Februray 26, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission decided to adopt Obama's 317-page plan to regulate the Internet.

On Februray 26, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission decided to adopt Obama's 317-page plan to regulate the Internet. 

The plan, never published for Congressional or public review, would grant the FCC power to reclassify the Internet from an "information service" to a "public utility" in order for the government to control it. 

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, one of only two within the FCC to oppose Obama's plan, said that the new regulations are a "radical departure" from FCC policy. 

We’ve got to take action and tell every single member of Congress to act against the FCC’s new “rules” to control the Internet -- an "independent agency" of the federal government, the FCC simply has no power to do what it is trying to do with the Internet. 

Add your name below to send a message to your U.S. Representative and Senators demanding that they oppose the FCC and defend digital freedom!

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Jan 9th, 2019
Someone from Richmond, TX writes:
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Do we have to privately, off the radar, build a 2nd U.S. Army (Special Forces) to once again redraw the States and form another, BETTER, Union (make that COUNTRY or NATION) free from TAXATION WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION (and without reason, or sanity)? Does anybody really doubt we can and will do whatever it takes to secure our Constitutional rights and freedom from oppressors whether from foreign or domestic enemies of the PEOPLE? If you doubt our commitment to securing freedom for current and future generations, please do yourselves a favor and study this country’s history. Never underestimate the causal relationship between your actions, which are supposed to serve your constituents, and the alliance off the people to ensure that your bad decisions and selfish actions, that serve only yourselves, are withdrawn (and boundaries REdrawn) to keep our people free. Make no mistake in guessing who will win, for WE live and walk in the LIGHT, the TRUTH, the purpose and the will, and the constant abiding ARMOR of protection and ARMS of the ONE TRUE GOD, our King, our Lord, and our Savior, and His mission will always win, for He has no constraints, not even one of Time. He is Forever, and He gave us the same immortality. We cannot die and therefore have no fear fighting for the forever freedoms of those who will also follow Him in any battle for Truth. We will NOT be taxed for Internet use. And we will never find ourselves unable to build and maintain our own INTRAnet for our own uses if you do not take appropriate action against this overtaking of our online information. Do the right thing. If we stop spending our money on online goods and services, who and what will you tax? We will host every business that stops making money from online sales, and we will give them back their lives and livelihoods. Do you really think they’d stay with you, or go where their customers are? I really wouldn’t try it. When they leave, eventually everyone will leave; they won’t stay where they stagnate. They’ll seek out life, and there we will be. Where will you be? Not with us...
Dec 12th, 2017
Esmee C. from Killingworth, CT writes:
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Feb 18th, 2017
Someone from Clearwater, FL writes:
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The government has NO business involving itself in the internet EXCEPT TO PROTECT AGAINST FRAUD AND DECEIT AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. The government has not protected people against internet fraud and criminal activity nationally or internationally. The government needs to stop increasing its reach into citizen's pockets and lives. Period. There is no justification nor cause to tax it, nor to control and limit it.
Feb 4th, 2017
John E. from Homer, AK signed.
Dec 28th, 2016
S P. from Albuquerque, NM signed.
Sep 29th, 2016
Gary T. from Washougal, WA writes:
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The USA is the only entity that can control the Internet dependably to maintain freedom for all users and insulate against political and/or financially motivated manipulation of freedoms of speech. If you do not stand against this clear sell-out you will be destroying the future of freedom in this world.
Sep 29th, 2016
Someone from Portland, OR signed.
Sep 29th, 2016
Steve B. from Mc Clelland, IA writes:
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Congress must stop internet takeover. This is an evil plan to rid Americans of freedom! Obama is an evil dictator and must be stopped!!! Congress better get with it NOW!!!!!
Sep 22nd, 2016
Lawrence G. from Roscommon, MI writes:
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We must defend the digital freedom of the Internet by not allowing it to be takenover by other countries.c
Sep 2nd, 2016
Rose C. from Oregonia, OH writes:
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Congressman Paul Ryan. Stand up for Americans and do the right thing. Sop the FCC Internet takeover. The FCC would like to make Internet service a public utility, placing broadband under Title II regulation of the Communications Act of 1934. This move would make broadband subject to New Deal-era regulation, and have significant consequences for U.S. taxpayers. Under this decision to reclassify broadband, Americans would face a host of new state and local taxes and fees that apply to public utilities. On average, consumers would pay an additional $67 for landline broadband, and $72 for mobile broadband each year. Americans cant take any more new taxes.