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Dear President: Trump:
Dear Vice President Pence:
Dear Senators:
Dear Representative:

As a concerned American, I demand that all aid  - lethal, non-lethal, and humanitarian - to the Syrian government or any of the rebel factions in opposition to the Syrian government be severed. I also demand that U.S. troops be removed from the Syrian arena. 

I urge each and every member of Congress and the Trump Administration to resolve to STAY OUT OF SYRIA and turn the United States away from former President Barack Obama's dangerous, unconstitutional foreign policy regarding their affairs. 

The United States' subsidization of foreign terrorists, the Free Syrian Army, is unwise, dangerous, and must not continue -- we simply cannot trust any so-called "ally" in this conflict, and it's clear that no U.S. aid to rebels is safe. (On December 11, 2013 the New York Times reported that the jihadist Islamic Front captured an entire warehouse filled with American supplies.) 

The fact is, segments of the Free Syrian Army have committed heinous crimes: they've sold the blood of martyred Christians, they've beheaded humans publicly, they've murdered members of their duly-elected government, etc. -- and it's an abomination to think that my tax dollars may have subsidized these horrific acts.

Once again, I demand that all subsidies to any party in Syria from the United States be eliminated immediately. 

Furthermore, I demand that the United States' military presence be entirely removed from Syria. Troops have been committed to this conflict in the absence of a War Declaration, which means their presence in the region is entirely unauthorized and that they be brought home without delay. 

I am watching your actions. 

For the Republic,

[Your Name Here]


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Jul 24th, 2013
jacquie s. from Granite Falls, NC signed.
Jul 24th, 2013
cheryl r. from Fairfax, VA writes:
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It is past time to stop funding our enemies. Let's start taking care of the U.S. first.
Jul 24th, 2013
Kyle E. from San Antonio, TX signed.
Jul 24th, 2013
Scott D. from Logan, UT signed.
Jul 24th, 2013
La Verne C. from Burlington, WI writes:
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Enough of this (inept/corrupt) 'administration' funding terrorists. Thank YOU for your help! You are greatly appreciated as my Senator!
Jul 24th, 2013
Robert L. from Old Hickory, TN signed.
Jul 24th, 2013
derek k. from Knoxville, TN signed.