Tell Congress: Keep Presidential Term Limits, Oppose H.J. Res. 15

New York Representative Supports a Resolution that would Abolish Presidential Term Limits ...

On January 4, New York Representative Jose Serrano introduced H.J. Res. 15 -- a resolution to repeal the 22nd Amendment and thereby abolish presidential term limits.

H.J. Res. 15 is currently in the House Judiciary Committee, and lacks co-sponsors. In order to succeed, it must pass both the House and the Senate, and have support among at least 3/4 of the fifty state governments.

In 1947, the 22nd Amendment passed in Congress and was later ratified in 1951.

The Amendment was created by Congress to prevent three and four term U.S. Presidents, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Term limits are a good thing and must remain.

Tell Your Lawmakers to OPPOSE the Repeal of the 22nd Amendment, H.J. Res. 15. Sign the petition and message lawmakers below.


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Apr 5th, 2014
Angelia H. from Rock Hill, SC signed.
Apr 4th, 2014
Amber T. from Box Elder, SD signed.
Apr 3rd, 2014
Someone from Fort Myers, FL signed.
Mar 30th, 2014
Theodorej W. from Chesapeake, VA signed.
Mar 7th, 2014
John P. from Florence, SC writes:
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Our Lawmakers should OPPOSE the Repeal of the 22nd Amendment, H.J. Res. 15. No one man should have this much power. Our great country would be a dictatorship. The United States of America is a free country and should stay this way.
Mar 7th, 2014
Carl S. from Newport Beach, CA signed.
Mar 1st, 2014
ronald c. from Sheffield, AL signed.
Feb 24th, 2014
Janice H. from Cascade, MT signed.
Feb 22nd, 2014
Teresa C. from Irving, TX writes:
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Just as it says we'll be a dictatorship if it is passed.
Feb 20th, 2014
Someone from Walls, MS writes:
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Please!!! NO more. I can not survive another 4 years of this administration.
Feb 20th, 2014
Someone from Memphis, TN writes:
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It is a joke to compare the Obama Administration to that of FDR, or any other great leader of this country. I would rather leave the country and denounce my citizenship than sit idle and give a poor leader room to further deminish the American way of Life as set forth by our fore fathers. Congress send H.J. Res. 15 packing and let Obama know that enough is enough! God Bless the USA!
Feb 12th, 2014
General S. from Sterling, VA writes:
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This is an offense to the American way of life and the people. No doubt inspired by Obama and Hilary
Feb 10th, 2014
Robert G. from Wichita Falls, TX writes:
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This is like patching a brick wall's joints, while watching the foundations slowly sink into a bottomless pit. Nevertheless, no opportunity can be neglected, including stopping any momentum on this issue.
Feb 7th, 2014
Someone from Evansville, WY writes:
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We are a constitutional republic, not a dictatorship. Absolutely do not repeal the 22nd amendment. It would make it too easy for a dishonest government to manipulate the elections and stay in power forever. This happens in many nations across the globe and throughout history.
Feb 5th, 2014
Margie P. from Fort Mill, SC writes:
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Every full blooded American would agree to oppose the Rapeal of the 22nd Amendment, H.J. Res. 15, So get with it!!!!!
Jan 31st, 2014
Someone from Fort Myers, FL signed.
Jan 28th, 2014
Someone from Albany, GA writes:
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The 22nd amendment should remain in place. This protects the American people against tyranny. There is no logical reason to change this amendment.
Jan 27th, 2014
Elizabeth C. from Burbank, WA signed.
Jan 23rd, 2014
Jimmy B. from Haskell, OK signed.
Jan 19th, 2014
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Jan 18th, 2014
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Jan 15th, 2014
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Dec 4th, 2013
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Nov 12th, 2013
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