Tell Congress: Demand Democrats Present a Budget!

April 29th will mark the third year in a row that Senate Democrats have refused to produce and pass a budget - and President Obama has said nothing of this intransigence.

April 29th will mark the third year in a row that Senate Democrats have refused to produce and pass a budget - and President Obama has said nothing of this intransigence.

Because of their negligence, the American people have been prone to unbridled spending as Congress continually passes "stop-gap" measures designed to fund the government for short periods of time while avoiding their duty to the American people.

Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND), Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, claimed many times last year that he would produce and pass a budget - which obviously never happened.

Now he's done it again.

Last week, Sen. Conrad claimed once again to be releasing a budget. Sen. Conrad is not running for re-election, and it seemed as though he was going to do what the American people pay him to do: govern. Without the fear of re-election hanging over him, Sen. Conrad should have been able to lay his cards on the table and illustrate to the American people just what "fairness" and "balance" look like to Senate Democrats.

Alas, we should be so lucky.

Literally days later, Sen. Conrad said he would not move a budget, saying:

"This is the wrong time to vote on the floor...I don't think we will be prepared to vote before the election."

Really? This is not the right time to pass a budget that is constitutionally required?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid backed up Sen. Conrad, adding:

"We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year. It's done. We don't need to do it."

Well we know better.

Petition Congress below and tell them that Senate Democrats are violating the 1974 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act by refusing to produce a budget. DEMAND that they lay their cards on the table and finally show the American people how they would budget our economy, how would they reduce our deficits, and what would they do about entitlements and taxes. It's time Senate Democrats join the conversation about what to do about our grim fiscal future.

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Rebecca B. from Castle Rock, CO writes:
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Seriously??? We elect people to Congress and they don't do their job ( passing a budget ) for YEARS??
Oct 29th, 2012
Justin B. from Lakewood, WA writes:
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They need a budget because there is OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING THAT WEAKENING OUR ECONOMY!!!
Oct 19th, 2012
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Senate Democrats are THE problem...
Sep 16th, 2012
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Sep 13th, 2012
Aileen H. from Anchorage, AK writes:
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This administration doesn't seem to give a rip about what is the law or breaking it. Produce a budget.
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Our country needs a budget.
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