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America’s oldest and last-standing lead smelting plant permanently shut its doors on December 31, 2013.

Unfortunately, Doe Run Co. didn't decide to close up shop because of market conditions, but because of the radical Environmental Protection Agency under former President Barack Obama.

After the EPA hiked “Air Quality Standards” tenfold, Doe Run decided it was better to cease operations rather than spend $100 million on fines, penalties, and site upgrades to lower the plant’s sulfur dioxide and lead emissions.

What happed to Doe Run isn't an isolated event... The Environmental Protection Agency regularly hampers business in the name of "clean air" and environmental preservation. 

With President Trump already planning on curtailing the EPA's power, we've got to command members of Congress to take action even further. First, the House must pull every penny from the EPA budget -- Second, members of Congress must pass legislation that repeals President Nixon's executive order that created the agency in 1970 (84 Stat. 2086).

The Constitution was not written to give government the power to prohibit business and lock up natural resources in the name of “clean air” –

It’s time to abolish the EPA.

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Jan 29th, 2017
Jonathan S. from Lewisville, TX writes:
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EPA should be abolished. It isn't constitutional in the first place. If anyone should be doing anything to safe guard the environment it should be at the local level. The federal government should not be running an agency that does what the EPA does.
Jan 28th, 2017
Sharon S. from Leesburg, VA writes:
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Every American wants clean air and water, a clean and safe environment, and a beautiful country that values natural resources without being destructive; but it can not over regulate and stop business as long as it is not harmful. Businesses should uphold strong standards to maintain those ideas of a safe and clean environment. The States needs to regulate their own business as each state has different environmental needs and wants. Limited Federal government agencies is what is needed to control the federal government spending until we are in not so much debt.
Jan 28th, 2017
Someone from Brooksville, FL signed.
Jan 28th, 2017
Tracy C. from Palm Bay, FL signed.
Jan 27th, 2017
Daniel H. from Saint Joseph, MO writes:
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E.P.A. has cause up problem over the years due to Global pressure. My problem is why must our standards be higher then other countries Because of this I have seen jobs disappear over the years.
Jan 27th, 2017
David B. from Scottsdale, AZ writes:
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Abolish the EPA!
Jan 27th, 2017
Barbara S. from Naperville, IL writes:
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It's long past time to abolish the EPA.
Jan 27th, 2017
Someone from Lafayette, LA writes:
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Terminate the EPA.
Jan 27th, 2017
Jesse S. from Hopkins, MN signed.
Jan 27th, 2017
Sherida H. from Tucson, AZ writes:
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Abort the EPA.
Jan 27th, 2017
Kyle E. from Gardena, CA writes:
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Nov 10th, 2016
Oliver S. from Ranger, GA signed.
Feb 24th, 2016
Helen J. from Jonesville, LA signed.
Apr 22nd, 2015
Jon L. from Ocean View, HI writes:
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Hea !!! I have a fantastic Idea.Lets elect the wife of the President that sold the United States out to Communist China.@ enviro Nazis..all we needed was the Indian tearing up on national TV and littering stopped ! We didn’t need a 3 letter, money sucking agency.Environmentalism is and ideology .Its another” ism" THAT NEEDS TO GO, and while you’re at it , boot Heal The Bay !The ocean is still polluted and they are rolling in cash and excessive power.
Dec 19th, 2014
Someone from Richardson, TX signed.
Dec 10th, 2014
Larry M. from Greenwood, FL signed.
Dec 7th, 2014
Ellen R. from Midlothian, VA writes:
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Stop giving pay to these people while they are not working.
Dec 4th, 2014
Someone from Birmingham, AL signed.
Nov 28th, 2014
Martin M. from Escondido, CA writes:
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This organization has too much power and I/WE did not elect them. Abolish or at the very least strip the power they abuse!!!
Nov 25th, 2014
Someone from Jamestown, TN signed.
Nov 24th, 2014
Someone from Lexington, NC signed.
Nov 22nd, 2014
DANNY B. from Cleveland, OH writes:
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Nov 21st, 2014
Someone from Winter Springs, FL signed.
Nov 12th, 2014
Someone from Columbus, OH signed.
Oct 23rd, 2014
Harold A. from Arlington, TX signed.
Sep 10th, 2014
Brad R. from Woodway, TX signed.
Sep 8th, 2014
Someone from Chicago, IL signed.
Sep 8th, 2014
Terry C. from Chicago, IL signed.
Aug 7th, 2014
Richard L. from Nixa, MO signed.
Jul 25th, 2014
Janet D. from Pottstown, PA writes:
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If there is any gov't agency who should be abolished, it is this one. They threaten my private property rights under the U.S. Constitution. The people have had enough of this EPA nonsense.
Jul 24th, 2014
Andy W. from Loyalton, CA writes:
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The EPA is the single biggest Job Killing Agency in the US Government. The EPA is a tool used by Liberal Politicians to impose restrictions and fines on the American people and Business. The quickest way to get our country back on track to prosperity is to ABOLISH the EPA!
Jul 22nd, 2014
Someone from Wise, VA signed.
Jul 21st, 2014
Someone from Clarksville, IN writes:
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the epa has never proven to solve any environmental problems
Jul 21st, 2014
Donald & Sandra P. from San Saba, TX writes:
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Defund the EPA. They are overreaching to obtain to much power and you are allowing it. And allowDoe Run Co. to reopen.
Jul 15th, 2014
Richard L. from Nixa, MO signed.
Jul 13th, 2014
Ellen R. from Midlothian, VA signed.
Jul 11th, 2014
Shawn B. from Gurnee, IL signed.
Jul 11th, 2014
Mike G. from Surprise, AZ signed.
Jul 11th, 2014
Erik G. from Beaverton, OR signed.
Jul 10th, 2014
Heath B. from Corinth, MS writes:
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Leave out property alone.