Revive America: "Impeach Obama"

He abandoned our U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other patriots to slaughter in Libya and then lied about it.

He's accused of potentially funneling millions in illegal foreign contributions to his campaign through his website.

He trampled the U.S. Constitution by ignoring Congress and granting "Dream Act" amnesty to illegal aliens by Executive Order.

He ripped-off General Motor's bond-holders, enriched GM's corrupt union bosses, and essentially nationalized that car company costing American taxpayers billions.

He's appointed a litany of unaccountable and unconstitutional government "Czars" to lord over entire segments of the U.S. economy.

Tell Congress to Investigate! Begin Impeachment Hearings Now!

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It's clear the only way the American people will ever hold Obama accountable is through the impeachment process. We simply cannot afford four more years of Obama. Please sign the petition and then ask everyone you know to join you. Barack Obama must be brought to justice!

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