Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate IRS!

Tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to add their names to Rep. Posey's letter and demand Eric Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor to probe the IRS' illegal acts!

After finding out that Attorney General Eric Holder appointed a partisan Democrat and Obama donor to head the investigation of the IRS’ illegal targeting of conservative groups, it’s clear that a new prosecutor must be appointed – an independent party, untainted by politics.

Right now, U.S. Representative Bill Posey is seeking co-signers to a letter to the Attorney General demanding this very thing.

Tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to add their names to Rep. Posey’s letter and demand Eric Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor to probe the IRS’ illegal acts!

Add your name below and send your no-cost message to your elected servants!

Public Comments
Dec 4th, 2014
Julie J. from Palos Park, IL signed.
Nov 13th, 2014
Kimberly D. from Parkville, MD signed.
Sep 29th, 2014
wayne h. from Joppa, MD signed.
Sep 9th, 2014
Alex G. from Canton, OH writes:
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In light of the evidence so far uncovered by the congressional committee, it is imperative that an independent prosecutor be appointed to investigate these allegations that would appear to lead to the DOJ and the White House. To do nothing in the face of mounting allegations against IRS operatives/employees would be to imperil this department's ability to maintain impartiality with the american people and undermine the fabric of our democracy. We need to determine once and for all if crimes were committed by these people on behalf of any entity , organization, group or individual within our government and hold them responsible as would be the case with any other ordinary american citizen. I encourage you to support this measure on our behalf and hold our government accountable to the people of this country.
Sep 4th, 2014
Someone from Tampa, FL signed.
Aug 26th, 2014
Someone from Utica, NY signed.
Aug 18th, 2014
George W. from Broomfield, CO signed.
Aug 17th, 2014
Laura D. from Cleveland, OH signed.
Aug 15th, 2014
Someone from Largo, FL signed.
Aug 11th, 2014
Eric D. from Prescott, AZ signed.
Aug 7th, 2014
Richard L. from Nixa, MO signed.
Aug 6th, 2014
Susan R. from Sunland, CA writes:
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This is shameful for all of us. Our leaders (Obama, Holder) are ruining the us and marking Americans as criminals when they are! It's time they both step up or step down. I'm ashamed to call myself a democrat!!!
Jul 29th, 2014
Heath B. from Corinth, MS signed.
Jul 25th, 2014
Janet D. from Pottstown, PA writes:
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It is beyond disappointing that this was not already done after the first meeting regarding this problem. Esspecially once Lois Lerner took the 5th, a special prosecutor should have been appointed. Why hasn't John Boenner done this ? The IRS EITHER HAS TO BE IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN OR ELSE THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THAT WE DON'T HAVE CRIMINALS AND RADICAL POLITICAL HACKS WORKING THERE. NOW FOR GOD'S SAKE, APPOINT A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR.
Jul 17th, 2014
Someone from Lusby, MD signed.
Jul 17th, 2014
darlene k. from South Milwaukee, WI signed.
Jul 15th, 2014
Richard L. from Nixa, MO signed.
Jul 11th, 2014
Gabriel A. from Fort Lauderdale, FL writes:
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I'm legitimately scared of our government and its new found audacity to use its abusive power for political gains.
Jul 8th, 2014
Someone from Mount Laurel, NJ signed.
Jul 6th, 2014
Robert L. from Old Hickory, TN signed.
Jul 4th, 2014
Jimmy K. from Austin, TX signed.
Jul 4th, 2014
Someone from Watertown, MA signed.
Jul 1st, 2014
jonah f. from Prescott Valley, AZ signed.
Jun 30th, 2014
Someone from Owings Mills, MD writes:
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This is neither about President Obama nor the Democratic party, it is about the INTEGRITY of the IRS by acting fairly and impartially, regardless of taxpayers' political affiliations. What the IRS did was simply un-American.
Jun 30th, 2014
Someone from Zionsville, IN signed.
Jun 28th, 2014
Sherry C. from Arlington, TX writes:
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Please appoint a special prosecutor. If the IRS is doing something illegal it should be stopped.
Jun 27th, 2014
George J. from Pleasant Hill, MO signed.
Jun 27th, 2014
Patricia B. from Aberdeen, WA signed.
Jun 27th, 2014
Richard L. from Nixa, MO signed.
Jun 26th, 2014
Anita R. from Kenner, LA signed.
Jun 26th, 2014
Tony H. from Putnam Valley, NY writes:
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This IRS scandal is much more than a political party issue; this is an agency and can turn any one of our lives upside-down in a minute. This is an American issue that affects every person in the United States. Does anyone actually believe that these IRS emails, notes, and documents just came up missing or got lost by a hard drive crash? I should say only the seven people being investigated had their hard drives crash out of the 89,500 employees and are now deemed unrecoverable? Emails aren't stored only on hard drives there is a receiving end of these emails that nobody is asking or talking about. It seems necessary for a special prosecutor that is fair and balanced. The IRS is supposed to be the most trusted agency with the highest power. It seems to be taking away our 1st. amendment right of freedom of speech. This is American and we should not be punished or targeted for our beliefs. Please assign a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the IRS targeting and lets restore trust back into the IRS. If there is no wrong doing their should be nothing to hide. Too many coincidences surrounding this case, lost emails, notes, and documents from those being investigated during certain time frames. Once again restore trust in our IRS and assign a special, non bias prosecutor to this case. The American people deserve the truth...if no wrong doing was done then those emails could be found, they are not all stored in a hard drive. Other people on the receiving side of those emails are still out there unless someone is trying to deliberately hide something. If the accusations are true this is the most severe abuse of power and is unacceptable. Thank you.
Jun 26th, 2014
Someone from Fort Myers, FL signed.
Jun 25th, 2014
Karin M. from Houston, TX writes:
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Truth fears no inquiry.
Jun 24th, 2014
Jim K. from Austin, TX signed.
Jun 22nd, 2014
Lynn T. from Concord, NC writes:
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We need a special prosecutor to investigate this mess!! But Eric Holder has a conflict of interest in doing so! Let Congress appoint one!
Jun 21st, 2014
Someone from Tranquillity, CA writes:
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We need a special prosecutor to end this mess!
Jun 20th, 2014
Roanh M. from San Jose, CA signed.
Jun 20th, 2014
Stephanie L. from San Jose, CA signed.
Jun 20th, 2014
Ming F C. from San Jose, CA writes:
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We need to know the truth. It give me a sense that our system even worst than a lot of communism countries.
Jun 20th, 2014
Jimmy C. from Tucson, AZ writes:
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Recover the contents of Lehner's hard drive which allegedly crashed. The public has the right to kown if wrongdoing was involved.