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The current federal income tax system is clearly broken — unfair, overly complex, and almost impossible for most Americans to understand. 

But there is a reasonable, nonpartisan alternative before Congress that is both fair and easy to understand. A system that allows you to keep your whole paycheck and only pay taxes on what you spend.

It's called the FairTax. Introduced in the U.S. House and Senate as H.R. 25 and S. 18, respectively, The FairTax is a national sales tax that treats every person equally and allows American businesses to thrive, while generating the same tax revenue as the current four-million-word-plus tax code... and without the I.R.S.

The Fair Tax Act of 2017 is the only tax replacement plan before the U.S. Congress that: 

  • Eliminates all federal income and payroll taxes including personal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security/Medicare, self-employment and corporate.
  • Eliminates the need for businesses and individuals to file federal income tax returns.
  • Eliminates over 74,000 pages of Internal Revenue Code and the estimated $350 billion in annual compliance costs.
  • Defunds, disbands and eliminates the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Favors American businesses and workers over foreign corporation, and dramatically increases the rate of economic growth and job creation.
  • Brings American jobs back to America and generates employment opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of chronically unemployed.
  • Repeals the 16th Amendment and direct taxation through companion legislation.

Take action and tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to co-sponsor the Fair Tax Act of 2017. Add your name in the fields below to proceed to send your no-cost letters. 

Be a part of the FAIRtax movement and help make make April 15 just another spring day. Visit

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Jul 11th, 2018
Claude M. from Decorah, IA writes:
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The FAIRtax is NOT a flat tax. The FAIRtax has a prebate, which makes the FAIRtax fair for the poor. "Under the FairTax, all Americans consume what they see as their necessities of life free of tax. While permitting no exemptions, the FairTax (HR25/S122) provides a monthly universal prebate to ensure that each family unit can consume tax free at or beyond the poverty level, with the overall effect of making the FairTax progressive in application. There is no marriage penalty as the couple gets twice the amount that a single adult receives. While everyone pays the same tax rate at the cash register, the prebate results in effective tax rates (annual taxes paid divided by annual spending) that increase as the level of spending increases a progressive tax rate structure. For example, a person spending at the poverty level has a 0% effective tax rate, whereas someone spending at twice the poverty level has an effective tax rate of 11.5%, and so on."--from
Jul 8th, 2018
Mark H. from Mankato, MN writes:
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Finally do what is right for America
Jul 8th, 2018
Mark H. from Mankato, MN signed.
Jun 30th, 2018
Louis B. from Stockton, CA writes:
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Please pass the Fair Tax, it's the best thing for America.
Jun 24th, 2018
Someone from Covina, CA writes:
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That politicians have shelved this legislation for 20 years proves undeniably that they care only for themselves in the present (the income tax code helps raise campaign donations) and for their futures (where they hope for high paying lobbying jobs after leaving congress) nurtured by the same special tax favoritism the income tax provides. Fair Tax bills were researched and written by private and university economists (not politicians) to provide America the best possible tax system. Fair Tax will: create jobs and opportunities for young Americans in a booming economy, dramatically lower the "tax gap", tax the underground economy, allow families to keep more of what they earn, reduce compliance costs, adequately fund social security without benefit reductions, eliminate trade deficits without tariffs or trade wars, and eliminate the I.R.S.
Jun 17th, 2018
Someone from Livingston, TX writes:
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It is time for congress to stop doing it to us and start doing it FOR us!!
Jun 15th, 2018
Phillip R. from Palmdale, CA signed.
Jun 11th, 2018
Tim H. from Spokane, WA writes:
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This is the tax system that our country needs. It creates an incentive to save, would boost the economy, make government more accountable with money they have, create an incentive for illegal immigrants to become legal (in order to get the prebate), makes it so that even drug dealers and con-artists pay taxes, and no paperwork would ever need to be filed! Why is this not being talked about more in the media???
Jun 11th, 2018
Roberto V. from Salt Lake City, UT signed.
Jun 3rd, 2018
David T. from Anchorage, AK writes:
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It grieves me, as a nation, our lack of personal responsibility stabs our grandchildren the back. We have many challenges before us, let's do the Right Thing.