Say 'NO!' to the FCC Internet Takeover

Send a personalized message to the Federal Communications Commission and tell them to OPPOSE the plan to regulate the Internet.

On February 4, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed that the federal government reclassify the Internet from an ‘information service’ to a ‘telecommunications service’ in the name of keeping it 'fair' -- a plan that came straight from Barack Obama's desk. Of course, this is nothing more than a pass for Big Government to expand its regulatory power at the expense of digital freedom.

Like all innovation, the Internet wasn’t created by government… and government certainly has no power to control it. Nowhere in the Constitution is there a provision providing the federal government with power to regulate the free-flow of information. In fact, such an idea flies in the face of the First Amendment.

ConstitutionAlly is calling every American to sign our petition and message the FCC, prior to their February 26 vote on Obama's plan. Take Action: Say ‘NO!’ to the OBAMA-FCC Internet takeover. 

Add your name below and send your message to the FCC now!

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May 6th, 2017
aaron k. from Ebensburg, PA writes:
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This doesn't sound like rolling back of regulations. Sounds like big brother.
May 2nd, 2017
William T. from Sumrall, MS writes:
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FCC control of the Internet will only restrict it's free use, not enhance it.
Feb 19th, 2017
Meggie M. from Okmulgee, OK writes:
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We have enough Government regulations. We the people say No to the Internet grabbing.
Feb 16th, 2017
Cynthia R. from Fairbanks, AK writes:
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Government needs to stay out of the internet and focus on government issues!!!!! Freedom of the people!!!!
Feb 16th, 2017
STEVEN F. from Schenectady, NY writes:
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We don't want any government agency interfering with our freedoms!
Dec 26th, 2016
Sharon A. from San Diego, CA signed.
Dec 26th, 2016
Someone from Ogden, UT writes:
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We the people say it's time to stop messing with our freedoms, in the name of fairness. There is no fairness or fair with the top in control of all issues. We are tired of your business as usual, in our faces. The President has no power to control the internet and the FCC has no business to regulate it as well...we are very much opposed to their control over many other mass communications as well. The new President will over turn this form of Communism.
Nov 27th, 2016
Someone from Kirksville, MO signed.
Nov 16th, 2016
Someone from Livingston, TX signed.
Oct 25th, 2016
Alexandra R. from Los Angeles, CA signed.